Dance classes for dancing?
A dance classes can be very helpful in helping your journey for learning dance as there professional and well-trained instructor that can guide you on dancing step by step. This can make the learning process of dance a breeze.
A class environment can also be refreshing for you to learn dance as there are others who have the same interests as you who like to dance! You can make more friends and get to enlarge your social circle. However If you are shy or you think you will not like to learn dance in a class environment then there are also other alternative in learning dance.

Here is a small list of alternatives where you can learn dance!

  • Online video sharing sites - I believe many of you are very good in IT and you surely will know what this is all about. If you are a visual learner watching videos can be an excellent way for you to learn dance. When you are watching the videos, you will be able to observe the performer dance steps and watch how they perform each dance steps. There are also videos of dance lessons conducted in some video, in this case you are almost getting to learn dance free! With the internet today, you can easily find step by step video on popular video sharing site like Youtube, Metacafe and etc. It is large wealth of information out there in the internet; you will be able to find one that is suitable for you.
  • external image IMG_2972.jpg&h=250&w=250&zc=1&q=100School CCA – If your schools have a dance interest club, you should join them! The interest club may not have a organize structure that can teaches you dance, It will have people who are passionate in dance like you. This allows you interact with your club mates and also learn dance at the same time. It is good to find people who the same interests as you and is able to work towards a common goal.
  • Private dance instructor – If you are shy or just not suitable for dance classes, you should go hire a private instructor. Fear not as there are professional instructors that are able to help you with your difficulty of learning dance. However you should take note whether the instructor is professional and certified, an untrained instructor can make you more prone to injury during the process of learning dance. Professional instructors are well train and prepare to guide and assist you. If you have problem with dance routine or moves, you must voice out your concerns.

So how does dance help you?
Taking dance lessons makes you physical fit and gives you health benefits!
Here are a few explanations why you need to start dancing.
  • Deal with your weight problem (if you have ) - Dance is a form of sports , If you are someone who don’t love sports maybe you can consider dancing. It’s much more relaxing and does have some health benefits. Dance like jazz can burn some calories off while hip hop is a bit more rigorous and can burn considerably more calories
  • Get a better overall health - There are many accounts of people getting healthier either physical or mentally, it can make your body fitter and also you can grow some muscles and better bones by dancing. it can aid diabetics by controlling their glucose levels. It is also a variety of exercise that will help to lower blood pressure and cholesterol which give you a greater all around. There is also the flexibility factor as you grow old your body become less flexible. Dancing will make your body to be more flexible which can help to reduce injury as our body becomes less prone to breaking.IMG902.jpg
  • Enhance your social circle - If you have no intention of becoming a competent dancer for competition then you can be a social dancer. A social dancer can easily make friends whenever they dance! It can easily break the ice between two strangers. In addition it is a fun and simple method to forge relationship. In addition communication through dancing can unknowing help promote a deeper relationship.
  • Stronger mental will - Besides dancing increase your fitness and health it can also build-up your mental strength .Dance routines will need you remember the different position and steps which can train the brain to become swift and alert. Also it assists in improving your memory and concentration.Go for some dance classes it will eventually help you as dancing can be a kind of method to express your ideas and feelings it may also enable you to relax the mind therefore feeling more peaceful.

Practice is always the key to success in life this is also true for dancing, if you are going to learn dance begin by taking small steps at a time. After that you should practice and practice until you are familiar with the different routines and steps.

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